Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Beauty Energy 1

Easy Live

Let's we continue after you do the last page.

-We have done meditation for reduce stress
-We have done calisthenics for beauty performance.

Now , let's we complete it for reaching your dream.

- Let's be considered about your food.
You must consumption only a healthy food and contain fibers+energy food like
egg,natural honey bees BUT only a little for the food that contains oil like
margarine, cheese , fried food ,etc.

- Be asked from your self to more serious consideration about reducing your Sex
Activity frequency . Because it will reduce your life body water and debilitating
your spinal cord .

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Easy Live

I want to give you a suggest to get the beauty energy , so that you will have more looks beauty .

1. Let's be back again to read how and do meditation. That's be called Blank

2. Now , we go to do do meditation to a more specific matter.
Do this in relaxed of all of your body and psychis .
Do every step of this exercise 10 X in every exercise you do.

3. You must do train as follows.

a. Pull your breathing ,Navigate your both hands to the side slowly, Release your
breathing slowly.
This training for improving the women's attitude can stand erected.
b. Pull your breathing ,Navigate your both hands forward, Release your breathing
This train for build your thrust arm more stronger and you body be flexibility.
c. Relaxed and Straightens both of your hand at the buttom ( in standing position),
raised them up slowly until they meet at the above of your head, Push your
breathing out.
This train to maintain your body ballance , making your arm muscles more
stronger and make more stronger of your Female/Sex Muscles .
d. Meet your both hands in front of you , raise your hand to the above of your head
while pull breathing slowly.
This train for improving your attitudes, make your arm muscles more stronger ,
make your sex/female mucles more stronger , make more good blod circulation
especially at waist and thigh area .
e. Back do meditation like the first action.
Train this exercise continuesly for getting good result.


Friday, December 9, 2011

The Source of Your Soul

Easy Live

This Indication is close connection to be more perfect our meditation and prayer.

Love Meditation on last past page is close connection too with your Aging , Healthy, Skin Healthy , beside The Vitamin you has been Consumtion .


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This meditation will make you feel self-conscious. It will make you feel silly. Move through these feelings, they are the voice of the ego telling you what you think you know. When you have moved through all the ego stuff, nude meditation will help you find your self. Your "I am" presence. Then you will know the one thing that is the truth.

1.If you have the change and you go some where you feel free , from judgement, shame , being you who you act like.

2.Take off of all your clothes , have nothing to hide , nothing to be a shame of , take off your glasses , jewerly , etc on your body.

3. Make your self comfortable .

4. Close your eyes , observe breath moving in and out of your body.
Breathe in deeply through your nose. Exhale completely through your mouth. Do
this enough to feel of sense of calmness.

5. Listen like you never heard anything before , all souds are new , the world is
big and beautiful mystery . Every experience is being simple , only looks you
and the universe .

6. Take the sensation of peace and feel going back home.

God Bless You.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



As well as energy workings you will learn about meditations and the five senses, as well as other skills such as sensory development, and channelling energy and the higher self.

You'll also discover techniques such as living earth, which is used to blend energy with the earth and will give you a great sense of being at one with the earth,

In controlling energy you learn how to push and pull energy blend with other energy fields, energy rapids, protection shields, and defence techniques

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cakra Ballancing

The seven Chakras are the main energy centers of the body.  Each of the 7 chakras are responsible from different areas of our lives.  A Chakra Balancing or Chakra Clearing Practitioner can do a lot by performing a chakra clearing on the seven major chakras, which involves cleansing and balancing the chakras, so the energy flows freely through the body without disturbances or blockages which lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unease.  
The chakra centres heal the body and often become unbalanced.  Following a chakra healing, it is possible to bring the seven chakras back into correct alignment.  

7 Major Cakra
The  Root Chakra:  This is the physical layer  
The Spleen Chakra:  This is the emotional layer  
The  Solar Plexus Chakra:  This is the mental or intellectual layer  
The Heart Chakra: This is the astral layer.  
The Throat Chakra: This is the etheric layer  
The Brow Chakra: The "Third Eye " is the celestial layer.  
The Crown Chakra: This is the ketheric layer 

Balancing The Chakras

The techniques in this section will help in balancing the chakra's and maintaining good health in both the human energy system and physical body.

Chakra 1

Dancing is very good for grounding. In the summer ,go barefoot. House cleaning and cooking is also grounding. Hug a tree , take care of your plants. When the energies or vibrations from two people's chakras are mixed, the following takes place: the light from the one chakra affects the light from the other chakra, these lightwaves are mixed in a way, so they create different figures. The figures created by the lightwaves from the chakras become more beautiful, the more love there is between the parties. The journey up the spinal column begins at the base of the spine. This is the foundation of our whole system, the first building block upon which all other chakras must rest. It relates to the element earth, and all solid earthly things, such as our bodies, our health, our survival, our material and monetary existence, and our ability to focus our needs.

Chakra 2

Express your creativity, dance, move your hips, laugh , have some fun . When two people make love, then the lights from their sex chakras are mixed, and the light are creating figures, whose beauty also in this case depends on the love between the parties. Two people, who really love each other, create a fantastic aura around them when making love - it can be compared to a forest of fairytale trees, whose flowers and leaves create an arc above the lovers, which has so powerful vibrations, that a lot of negative karma can be burned away. In other words, just by loving another person and showing it by sexual behavior which pleases and satisfies, one can develop very much personally and in the end thereby also spiritually.

Chakra 3

Rub your belly, visualize sunshine radiating out from your solar plexus, breathe using your diaphragm. When two people are quarreling, then the light from the solar plexus chakra is turning dark, and the way that the lights from the two chakras are mixed is characterized by negativity. Different figures can be seen here, The darker the light is the more hate is there between the two, and when it turns dark enough, it turns into black and a blockage may arise in the solar plexus centre in one or both of them.

Chakra 4

Give freely your service to others , watch tender movies ,listen to romantic soft music,play with cute kittens or puppies. Sit for a while with a baby in your arms , give someone a hug. Love and forgive yourself.

Chakra 5

Listen to music that you really like.Take a walk and look at the beautiful blue sky and breathe consciously.

Chakra 6

Meditate, lay down with a crystal or a small pyramid on your forehead visualize a indigo blue flame.

Chakra 7

Meditation, guided visualization, peaceful and quiet surroundings helps.

Good Luck


Like the sun, meditation is for everyone

Now, meditation is no longer status as the exclusive property of the mystics, yogis or philosophers 

We do not need to be a certain religion or takes a lot to meditate - we can do it no matter how old or how busy we are. So, if you want to throw away your stress as far as possible and increase the capacity of your life, do meditation.

Whatever your faith can do meditation.

However to calm your mind for 20 minutes is difficult enough. Your Mind do not like the on / off switch , Only left to push, the chatter of your mind tends to interrupt your meditation.

The mind that calls for the attention milling continues, analyze and talk continues until you know that it’s hard to enjoy your consciousness ,

Awareness of controlling the mind and emotions

Current capacity of our conscious mind is able to analyze, sort, plan and interpret ourselves that we are doing what and where, at this time.

Meditation can overcome the anxiety of mind in a way pause in the chatter of the mind, through the process and relieve anxiety aware of negative thoughts (worry, anxiety, tension, etc.) of yourself.

Peaceful and serene
feeling will you earn

May you More About Meditation Can Understand It.

Good luck